• Welcome to my little corner of the photography world! I am a Natural Light, Lifestyle photographer in Sacramento. I specialize in black & white photography while having a love affair with bold color. It is my hope that my style of story telling will preserve your memories in an artistic way that you will cherish for a lifetime. Life is Sweet- Capture it

K Family | Redding, Ca

This adorable family belongs to my long time friend… I just love all of them… It is always so special to me to capture memorable images for people I love:).

We had a blast at this new-to-me-location in Redding, Ca. It was nice to shoot someplace completely new. I don’t do many sessions up in Redding so that itself was a treat. I planned with the sunset times, knowing full well we’d be in full sun for a bit and that was ok… what I didn’t plan for was the mountains in the horizon. Oops… the sun set on us a little early but that is OK. It still made for beautiful light for our time together. I loved the mountainous back drop with the calm river beside us. It was just such a peaceful shoot too!  I don’t recall ever shooting at such a gorgeous location!  Leave it to Redding, Ca to give me the best:) Sacramento PhotographerJessicaBowersPhotography_0302JessicaBowersPhotography_0303JessicaBowersPhotography_0304JessicaBowersPhotography_0305JessicaBowersPhotography_0306JessicaBowersPhotography_0307JessicaBowersPhotography_0308JessicaBowersPhotography_0309JessicaBowersPhotography_0310JessicaBowersPhotography_0311JessicaBowersPhotography_0312JessicaBowersPhotography_0313JessicaBowersPhotography_0314JessicaBowersPhotography_0315

They’re engaged! | Sacramento Wedding Photographer

We had so much fun at this engagement session. I first worked with Kelsey about 2 years ago during her senior shoot.  She and Ian were dating then… it seemed apparent it was “only a matter of time”… these two are so sweet together.

We first went to their favorite coffee houses: Temple , I had never been so it was a treat to finally go.  Of course on a lovely Saturday afternoon the place was PACKED but we managed to make it feel like they were the only ones there:).

After we finished up with coffee we went to Capitol Park which is actually were they got engaged. So that was an extra special addition. The early blooming trees and the spring sun were a lot of fun at the lush park. I can’t wait for their wedding this fall! I know it is going to be a great one!